Groin-up Talks

By Ujjwal Dingliwal

May 26, 2023


If you don’t take intimate hygiene seriously, #WeNeedToTalk.

Hygiene is a MUST, and there are no two ways about it.

But are you doing it right or taking care of it all?

Often intimate hygiene is overlooked, while other parts get extra attention. And just because it is below the belt doesn’t mean you can let it hang in there and do nothing about it.

Grooming down there is a hush-hush topic, and not everybody feels comfortable discussing it.

But WE WILL! One gentleman to another.

Keeping your privates clean and groomed keeps itchiness and infections at bay, adds to your overall health, and boosts your sexual confidence.

And we are here to help you achieve it.


Wear Comfortable Bottoms

Choosing a comfortable fabric for your bottoms is of utmost importance, as synthetic underwear can cause rashes and irritation. When in doubt, pick cotton over anything else. Their unparalleled softness will keep your privates breathing-free. Also, you should avoid wearing tight-fitted bottoms as it can lead to sweating and discomfort. Wearing nice high jeans might not always be a good idea, so keep yourself comfortable down there as often as possible and let your things dangle freely.


Intimate Wash To The Rescue


Intimate Wash By The Man Company

The skin around the genitals is sensitive and requires proper cleaning. So, invest in a good and natural intimate wash and take care of your privates like never before. It can be hard to find a wash that removes all the sweat without causing any harm down there. And that is when our Intimate Foaming Wash comes to your rescue.


What Does It Do?


Maintains pH balance:
Our no-nonsense Intimate Wash helps maintain the natural pH balance of your privates because it has natural and gentle ingredients.

Soothes & relaxes:
Our Intimate Wash has the goodness of cucumber that helps soothe and relax your skin from itching and irritation.

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial:
Our Intimate Wash is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal neem extracts. They help to fight off bacterias that cause infection.

Do not forget to pat dry your skin after every wash.


Change Your Undergarments Daily

Change is not always easy, but this is one change that a man must adhere to. If you choose otherwise, you will invite viruses, fungi, and bacteria for some not-so-pretty action, down there. And needless to say, " they sure are not a man's best friends". Make a habit of wearing fresh underwear daily, and you will never face any embarrassment and foul smell.

But we seriously hope you do that already. Fingers crossed!


Introduce A Trimming Habit

Indeed, pubic hair keeps your privates clean and warm, but it can also cause sweating which leads to the accumulation of bacteria. Introducing a regular trimming routine is essential and should be a part of your hygiene regimen. Remember, grass requires trimming from time to time so that the trees can appear more elongated and girthy.


Eat Healthily

A proper diet is of utmost importance for a healthy body and groin. Eating rich foods can reduce foul smells and sweat significantly. This tip is probably not hard to follow, so eat clean to be a better version of yourself daily.


Though grooming down there is less spoken about, we at The Man Company want to pave a path where everyone is comfortable talking about their intimate hygiene. Listen to our latest podcast, Groin-up talks, and see what Ankush BahugunaAaron Kaul, and Nishant Tanwar have in store about their personal experiences of grooming down there.

If you still aren't ready to care for your pair, #WeNeedToTalk.

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