We are men.

History has it, that we, too, have gone through a lot.
History also has it, that we have said a lot less. Because we had a masculine image to maintain. Being an alpha male has been taught to us as our only choice given by society.
The same society that troubled us with its unsaid rules and unwanted warrants against our wishes.


The Gentleman Show by The Man Company is one such platform that lets us talk about everything from personal grooming, health and fitness, career and finance to relationships, fashion and lifestyle. So, listen to some of us men who were once type-casted but stood up against all odds, and stood our ground. 

We had to, for a greater good. 

Now #WeNeedToTalk

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Unlock the secrets to healthier, radiant skin in the latest episode of The Gentleman Show. Discover expert insights and valuable tips from our guests, Dr. Gunjan & Yashant as they discuss why skincare should be an essential part of every gentleman's routine. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that could transform your skincare game. Remember, it's never too late to start investing in your skin's well-being.

The Gentleman Show | S1E23 | Do You Know Your Mother?


Have you ever noticed that your mother knows so much about you, but you not so much? In the latest episode of The Gentleman Show, we dig deep into this topic. Watch Ankush Bahuguna and Arun Singh discuss their relationship with their mothers. They will motivate you to learn everything about her.

BB Ki Vines has some cool insights



Episode 1 - The Gentleman Show feat. Devansh Kamboj

1:09 Mins

Devansh Kamboj and Ankush Bahuguna, two of India’s finest content creators are talking about balding and its consequences, where Devansh is sharing anecdotes from his life, from his struggles to the miseries to finally becoming a successful "bald man."

#WeNeedToTalk - Teaser

3 Mins

There are hundreds of things that need to be addressed around men’s miseries, their grooming and their life in general. #WeNeedToTalk about all of them, and we will, on The Gentleman Show. So stay tuned and spread the word.

Meet The Host

Ankush Bahuguna

is an actor, influencer and
content creator who took the
internet by storm with his
relatable charm, humour and
wit. Bahuguna also recently won the Cosmopolitan India Male Beauty Influencer Of The
Year Award. He also runs a
makeup page on Instagram,
“Wing It With Ankush”, and has been winging it right as a
modern-age gentleman
through his amazing content

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