Body Odour

  • Controls perspiration to keep your private area fresh and dry with Moringa & Vitamin E

    26 reviews
    MRP Rs. 699
  • Go create an enticing lasting impression wherever you go! Ready. Spray. Cheers!

    68 reviews
    MRP Rs. 1,047
  • Stay fresh through even the most intense workout sessions with this long-lasting body perfume

    136 reviews
    MRP Rs. 349
  • An intense, long-lasting fragrance perfect for the party-animal to dance the night away

    79 reviews
    MRP Rs. 349
  • Perfect for date night, with exotic Oudh & Amberwood perfectly balanced with refreshing Lemon & Mint

    134 reviews
    MRP Rs. 349
  • A perfect blend of musky and woody fragrances .

    32 reviews
    MRP Rs. 1,299
  • Urban Night is built with contrast essences like traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual.

    35 reviews
    MRP Rs. 1,299
  • A heady, spicy, masculine fragrance with warm undertones

    3 reviews
    MRP Rs. 1,499
  • An oriental fragrance, with citrus and musky notes.

    19 reviews
    MRP Rs. 1,799
  • A fresh, earthy and citrusy fragrance

    2 reviews
    MRP Rs. 1,499

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