Best Gifts for Men Based on their Personality Types

Ever wondered what to give a man, whether he is your significant other, brother, father, grandfather, friend, or relative? Finding the perfect gifts for men can be tough, but it doesn't have to be impossible! The Man Company is your answer to get the special man in your life a premium gifting item that has excellent appeal and functionality. If you're looking for premium face and body care products for men, this is the place to be. 

The Man Company is a platform where you can find products for men made from the highest quality and grade of natural ingredients and a place where you can find curated gift hampers for men. 

How to choose the perfect gift for a man? Look no further than his personality type. No two men are the same - and this is why, at The Man Company, we have broken our products down into various categories to suit all kinds of men! Whether you're looking for gift ideas for men who are athletic or those that spend all day at work, whether you're looking for birthday gifts for boys or gift ideas for men who are slightly older, there is something for everyone. With specially curated premium gift hampers, The Man Company provides a unique product experience that makes male grooming easier. 


We have some excellent gifts for men available at The Man Company, depending on what category you would slot the recipient of the gift into. Let's take a look:


 Women aren't the only species that love grooming themselves and taking care of their hygiene, men have become pretty conscious about themselves too! The Man Company has some of the best products when it comes to men's hygiene. Here are some gift ideas for men, specific to hygiene care -

High on Hygiene- 

This hygiene kit contains a mix of wipes, hand sanitizer, hand wash, and a body wash. It's the perfect gift to give to someone during this pandemic period! If you know men who are extremely conscious about their surroundings and very high on hygiene, then this is the go-to gift hamper for them. Made carefully with anti-bacterial ingredients such as aloe vera, neem, lemon, and tea tree, this hygiene gift hamper is a beautifully curated functional gifting item.

Clean & Hygienic - 

Gift your man this amazing cleanliness kit! It comes with an anti-bacterial hand wash, hand sanitizer, and body wash - perfect to kill germs. Keep clean and carry on. 


 Is your significant other really into their facial beauty? Do they enjoy taking care of their facial skin? Looking for the best glow-up gifts for your boyfriend? Here are some of our top picks - 

Face First -

As the name suggests, this kit contains a cleansing gel, serum, and moisturising cream, which is sure to put your man's face first! Made with a mix of the highest quality vitamin C, shea butter, and activated charcoal, these products are designed to bring the glow back on a face. 

All Week Sheet:

Is your man sick of the pollution outside and is wondering how to keep his face clean after a long day's work? It's time to excite him with this all week sheet kit! This kit contains a pack of 5 charcoal face sheet masks that have anti-pollutants. This mask promises to rejuvenate and hydrate your man's face. Best part? It comes in two pieces - upper and lower, making it easier for men with beards to apply.


 What's the one thing a classy man can't resist, other than a classy woman, of course? A classy gift! The Man Company has some great gift ideas for men, especially those that live on the edge of suave and sophistication. Opt from a mix of fragrances to beard care and body products for the classy man in your life. Some of our top picks are:

Ayushmann's Beard Care Box-

Curated by the classy Ayushmann Khurrana, this premium beard care box comes in a stunning brown gift case. It contains beard oil, beard wash, and beard wax - the perfect combination of products any man would love experimenting with. 

The Charcoal Gang-

Trending gift ideas for men usually start and end at the most innovative concepts. This is why we have an entire set of products made from one of the best trending natural ingredients for the skin - charcoal. This kit contains a body wash, shampoo, face scrub, face wash, cleansing gel, and soap, all made out of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is well known for its detoxing and pore treating abilities, making it a wonderful choice of gift for a classy man! 


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