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The go-to duo for the perfect long beard this Movember! Take your pick and let your beard rule with the 100% natural beard oils' set. Get the thick & heavy beard you've always wanted with a little help from our specially formulated Almond and Thyme beard oil. The Argan & Geranium beard oil instantly enhances manageability, shine and ensures long-lasting conditioning.
Rs. 700.00
The Almond & Thyme Beard Oil is 100% natural oil that promotes beard growth and helps in filling patchy beard. This oil gives you a uniform beard mane look.
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For thicker and fuller growth. Enhances manageability and ensures long-lasting conditioning. Its anti-bacterial properties ensure healthy hair growth.
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The perfect product to tame your beard and leave it looking healthy, neat and smooth.The Tobacco Vanilla Beard Oil dominates with its manly musky mid-notes. It is a light-weight formula that keeps your beard perfectly in place. See it transform your look, by imparting your beard lasting manageability and freedom from fly-always. Tobacco Vanilla Beard Oil is an essential grooming product for the bearded lifestyle.
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Give your beard the nutrients it deserves. Pamper it with the natural moisturizing benefits of Almond that is rich in Vitamin E and other beard-friendly nutrients that penetrate the hair to soften, strengthen and nourish it. Thyme lends a woody scent as well as phytonutrients vital for beard growth.
Rs. 549.00
Give your beard the TLC it deserves. Pamper it with the natural soothing properties of Lavender, that detoxifies and promotes beard health. Enjoy the subtle woodsy scent of cedar wood, rich with vitamins and mild caring oils that give your beard a perfect sheen and manageability that last all day
Rs. 549.00
Give your beard the nourishment it deserves. Pamper it with the rejuvenating properties of Geranium that lends its refreshing herbal notes, while offering toning benefits and encouraging beard growth. Argan moisturizes the facial skin and adds a light-weight shine and perfect softness to the beard.
Rs. 549.00
The Jojoba and Vitamin E Beard Crème is the food your beard demands - Be it long, short, new or old, your beard will appreciate the pampering! A leave-in conditioner and moisturiser that makes your beard soft and manageable. Every time you find your beard going out of control, massage it with a bit of The Man Company's beard crème enriched with natural ingredients and essential oils.
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