Anti - Acne Gel

The products are good, they have very effective results shown within 15 days.

Srivatsa Mitragotri

Hair & Beard Growth Cream

Cream is good , non-sticky and the smell added is also mellow and light .

Pradeep Padmanabhan

Under Eye Cream

Outstanding product for man. Best under eye lightening product available in the market.

Ashwini Kumar

Foaming Face Wash

Refreshed feeling after cleansing, with an advantage of messaging brush.

-Vikram Shirur

De-Tan Face Gel

Overall a good product with no side effects and excellent output.

- Gagan Thakur

Hydro Power Gel Cream

Great product, very light moisturizer as it is gel based and suitable for all skin types.

- Daksh Khattar

Eau De Parfum | Amour

Smell Good and Lasts Long. Its my favourite perfume. I got so many compliments.

- Harshraj Prasad