What is The Man Club?

The Man Club is designed to extend awesomeness to customers who love our premium products and unmatched services.
This is our way of showing gratitude by giving you a special sneak peek into the world of premium grooming.
Be the first one to enjoy the latest products and earn rewards points at every step of the way.
With so many benefits and more, it just can't get any better.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to become a member of The Man Club?
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The Man Club membership has three tiers. One can become a Bronze Member after spending Rs. 199 or above on www.themancompany.com.

In order to further advance into the tiers, the user has to be a regular consumer with total amount
spent on our website Rs. 4,199 for Silver Membership & Rs. 10,499 for Gold Membership.

How to create an account?
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You can create an
account from the Login page.

Which services are complimentary?
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We are looking to enhance your experience with The Man Company and have defined a vast category of offers, defined above in the table.

What is the surprise on my Birthday & Anniversary?
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Gentleman Bronze:
You get 30% discount on any products at www.themancompany.com

Gentleman Silver:
You get 30% discount on any products at www.themancompany.com

Gentleman Gold:
You get a surprise complimentary gift from the www.themancompany.com delivered to your home

What is priority support?
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Gentleman Silver and Gentleman Gold:

Being The Man Club member helps you jump the queue. Enjoy the privilege by getting your queries answered first.

Do I get a membership card?
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Gentleman Gold: Only the member of Gentleman Gold gets a membership card, which will be couriered to the registered address

What’s the benefit of the membership card?
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The Gold members get a physical membership card, which they should keep it handy while visiting any of our exclusive brand stores.

What are benefits available to me at the Exclusive Pop Up Store?
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The Man Company is now one step closer to you. Just show your Gentleman Gold membership card and enjoy additional 15% off on purchase of any product at our exclusive pop up store. Click here to know the location of the store.

How many credits do I get?
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Bronze Membership: 

Credits on TMC Website- On every purchase at www.themancompany.com you earn 5% of your net purchase value.

Silver Membership:

Credits on TMC Website- On every purchase at ww.themancompany.com you earn 10% of your net purchase value.

Gentleman Gold:

Credits on TMC Website- On every purchase at www.themancompany.com you earn 15% of your net purchase value.

What is the value of my credits?
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1 credit point is equal to 1 Rupee.

How do I Redeem my credits?
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The store credits can be used immediately at the checkout screen at www.themancompany.com. Its 100% redeemable.

How to check my credit balance?
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You can always login to the website www.themancompany.com
and check your credit balance in your Man Wallet.

Can I change my personal details?
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It's very easy to update your personal details from the My Account section on www.themancompany.com.

What is the termination policy?
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Disqualification of a The Man Club‘Gentleman Broze/Silver/Gold Member, arising out of his/her misconduct, fraud and misuse of points or acts in a manner inconsistent with any central/state/local laws, statutes or ordinances, may result in immediate termination of The Man Club membership and cancellation of all points and rewards. Any The Man Club member so disqualified shall not be entitled to any benefit of the program.

What is the Renewal Process?
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All the tiers of the membership program are valid for lifetime.