Shake, Spray & Stay Sun-safe

By Ujjwal Dingliwal

May 26, 2023

The Man Company's Sunscreen Mist is here for the rescue.

Radiations from the Sun affect your skin in more ways than you know. And to tackle these adverse effects, applying sunscreen is a must. People often ignore this step while staying indoors, thinking that the UV rays will not harm them. It is not TRUE!!

If you are also someone who feels that you can win this game of hiding from harmful UV radiations by sitting indoors without applying sunscreen, you are wrong.

Sunlight might not be able to peep in through walls and doors, but there is no way you can hide from a monster called Blue Light.

We know that we have got you thinking now.

To know more, keep on reading!


What Is Blue Light?

Blue Light is nothing but radiations contained in sunlight but is also given off by indoor lighting and electronic gadgets, like smartphones, televisions, and computer screens. As opposed to UV rays, Blue Light penetrates deeper into the layers of skin and causes damage.

It means that even when sitting indoors, your skin is not safe.

What Are The Sources Of Blue Light?

Initially, the only source of Blue Light was sunlight, but with our dependence on technology, other sources have added up.

Electronic Gadgets:

Yes, you read it right. All your electronic gadgets, including mobile phones, televisions and laptops, emit Blue Light.

LED Lighting:

Indoor lights that shine upon us throughout the day are also a source of Blue Light.


What Are The Harmful Effects Of Blue Light On The Skin?

Blue Light penetrates deep into the skin and affects collagen production and elasticity, leading to the following effects:

- Premature Ageing
- Pigmentation
- Dark Spots
- Redness & Inflammation
- Damaged Skin Cells

Sunlight or Blue Light, to stay skin-safe, we’ve got a saviour for you.

Just a smarter sunscreen to make you sun-smart!

The Man Company’s easy to use Sunscreen Mist SPF 20 PA+++ is scientifically designed with Blue Light Technology to keep you protected from UV rays and digital radiation-induced damage. The mist works perfectly for indoor and outdoor settings. It has the goodness of natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Carrot Seed, Raspberry, Strawberry, Avocado, Grapeseed, and Green Tea extracts. On applying, the mist delivers a water-resistant matte effect with no white cast and a non-patchy texture. Just shake, spray and stay sun-safe!


Benefits Of The Man Company’s Sunscreen Mist SPF 20 PA+++

Blue Light Technology:

The Man Company’s Sunscreen Mist has been scientifically designed with Blue Light Technology with SPF 20 PA+++ to keep you protected from UV rays and digital radiation-induced damage. The unique technology helps protect your skin in both indoor and outdoor settings.

UVA & UVB Protection:

Our Sunscreen Mist shields your skin against UVA & UVB damage with SPF 20 PA+++. Your skin will stay safe from tanning, dark spots, pigmentation and sunburns. So, spray it on and never miss out on having fun in the sun.

Matte Effect & Water Resistant:

The Man Company’s Sunscreen Mist delivers a water-resistant matte effect with no white cast and a non-patchy texture. We recommend reapplying the mist every two hours to keep tanning and damage at bay.


How To Use The Sunscreen Mist:

Step 1: Wash your face

Step 2: Spray the mist

Step 3: Let it settle

Step 4: Stay sun-safe


Smart Sun Tips:

- Apply the sunscreen mist 20 minutes before heading outdoors on areas exposed to the sun.

- Reapply every two hours to prevent tanning.

- Even if staying indoors, spray on areas not covered by clothing, such as the face and hands.

Now go ahead, shake, spray and stay sun-safe!

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