Beard Styles for Oval Face

By Paridhi Gupta

May 25, 2023

Beard styles for Oval Face

An oval-shaped face looks brilliant. The best part is that there are innumerable styles that suit the oval face shape. We will tell you about the origin of the beard style, few celebrities who flaunt the beard style, how to create the style so that it looks groomed and well-kept, and the best products to take care of the chosen beard style.

Thirty Beard Styles for Oval Face 

An oval face is characterised by a chin that is in perfect symmetry with the forehead. The jaws are narrower compared to the cheekbones, and the chin is rounded while the face is vertically longer than the breadth of the cheekbones. The forehead is larger, too, in comparison with the jawline.

Chin Strap

The beard hardly exists except the hair on the jawline's edge and sparsely on the chin along the hairline from one side of the face to the other side.

Thought to have originated in the 18th century in Europe, it became quite popular through the 19th century, spreading to Japan. 

  • Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo or Stormzy

  • Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

  • Dwayne Wade

  • Shave the entire face to remove hair from all places except the jaw's edge and the chin.

  • The hair left behind needs to be trimmed to give a polished look. 

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The Charismatic Full Goatee 

This beard style for the oval face is characterised by the chin's hair and none on the cheeks. It is a flexible style, so you can vary it a bit as per your preference. 

The word 'goatee' comes from the goat's tuff of chin hair. It is accepted to have its origin in the ancient civilisation of Rome and Greece. Interestingly, during medieval times, the goatee was synonymous with Satan. 

  • The Rock or Dwayne Douglas Johnson
  • Robert Pattinson 
  • George Clooney
  • Clear your face of all facial hair except the chin.
  • Let the hair grow.
  • Start trimming once the hair grows. 
  • Groom it regularly.

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Chin Curtain


Resembling the chin strap, the chin curtain is fuller in growth, as it covers the entire chin and the underside of the face. Also, it touches the sideburns on either side.

It is referred to as Shenandoah; the style was popular during the hippie culture in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • C. Everett Koop
  • Comb the hair and trim it to the desired length
  • Remove stray hair.
  • Shave off hair in the part you want clear.

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Soul Patch

Minimalistic appearance, this beard style for oval face accentuates your style. A small tuff of well-groomed hair under the lower lip with the rest of the face clean defines this style.

The style was popularised by Dizzy Gillespie, a jazzman in the 1940s.

  • Bruce Springton
  • Billy Bob
  • Comb the hair, lift it to the desired length and trim off the excess length.
  • Use a trimmer to define the edges.
  • Use a razor to remove hair from other parts of the face.

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A distinct beard style characterised by thick sideburns, a horseshoe moustache, and the soul patch. The moustache and sideburns do not touch.

Samuel L. Jackson invented the style in the movie Pulp Fiction.

  • Samuel L. Jackson, actor
  • Grow a full beard.
  • Remove hair from jawline, chin, cheek, and neck.
  • Keep the soul patch and make the horseshoe-shaped moustache.

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Full Beard

Denoting masculinity, this beard style for oval face is marked by full and natural facial hair growth without any contouring. A full beard is three months and older.

This style is one of the oldest, believed to have originated during prehistoric times.

  • Ben Affleck
  • Brad Pitt
  • Farhan Akhtar
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Let your facial hair grow to about 2 inches below the chin.
  • Brush the hair and then trim it to the desired length to give it a sculpted look.

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Short Boxed Beard

The full beard can be a bit too much for many men to maintain and keep groomed. The short boxed beard is more manageable. It is the shorter version of the full beard; looks neater and well-defined.

The origin of the short-boxed beard is as old as the full beard.

  • Chris Pine
  • George Clooney
  • Grow a full beard.
  • Use an electric trimmer for trimming the beard to the desired length.
  • For cleaning lines, use the beard shaper. Razor off the remaining facial hair.

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Corporate Beard 

This style is another neater and cleaner version of the full-grown beard. The name says it all - for men in the corporate industry who love to flaunt a beard, find this style the most impressive.

This style evolved much later, compared to the full and the short boxed beard. The corporate culture brought in this beard style.

  • Bradley Cooper
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • The steps are similar to the short boxed hair.
  • In this case, ensure that the hair's length is kept shorter to give a finer and presentable look.

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 The beard is characterised by thick facial hair and is grown in a full beard style. The moustache is naturally grown and has a characteristic brushed side like the English moustache.

This beard style for the oval face originated from the 19th-century military politician called Giuseppe Garibaldi.

  • Indian actor, Ranveer Singh
  • Grow a full beard.
  • The length should be between 7 to 8 inches.
  • Use a shaper to make the bottom round. 
  • One of the easiest to grow, let the hair grow naturally without any trimming.
  • Trim the moustache to connect to the board.

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This beard style is characterised by a styled moustache that is detached from a full beard. The lower hair is fuller and thicker than the hair on the cheek.

The beard is named after Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, a 19th century Opera composer. 

  • Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer
  • Grow a full beard. 
  • Ensure that the hair is thicker towards the chin.
  • Round it using a shaper.
  • Trim the edges to keep it tidy.
  • Separate the moustache from the beard. 

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The yeard is one of the most elemental beard styles leaving you to look manly. The style consists of a neat full-grown beard with trimming required to remove split ends. The moustache is left to grow long naturally. 

The yeard is also one of the oldest beard styles for an oval face from prehistoric times when men had no means to shave off their facial hair.

  • Vin Diesel
  • The steps are the same as a full-grown beard.
  • You are not allowed to trim the hair for at least a year to get the look.

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This beard style is famous for its rich and voluminous growth and calls for dedicated patience for at least six months for the best results - no trimming on the cheek or the neck with a natural moustache. The latter hangs over the mouthparts.

The beard style is named after Eric Bandholz, a pioneer in the facial hair industry.

  • Eric Bandholz, owner of Beardbrand
  • Easy to create with minimal maintenance.
  • Let the hair grow for six months.
  • Once the hair reaches the desired length, it needs to be handled like head hair requiring regular shampoo, conditioning, brushing, etc.

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Thin Goatee


The thin goatee is similar to the classical goatee but much slimmer and thinner. It looks extremely neat and clean.

This style is one of the findings of the modern generation.

  • Gwen Stefani
  • Grow a full beard and then trim and razor to create the classic goatee.
  • Then trim facial hair off the chin and moustache and make it as slim as you like.

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Landing Strip Beard

One of the easiest beard styles for an oval face, it is easy to develop and maintain. As the name suggests, it is a strip of hair on the chin region resembling a landing strip.

No data is available on the origin of this style.

  • Scott Steiner
  • Clean your face off all hair, leaving very little hair on the chin.
  • Trim the sideburns and keep them long.
  • Groom and trim the hair on the chin regularly.

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Patchy Goatee

Having trouble growing a full beard? Go in for this style that has sparse chin hair and a thin beard. There is a moustache, too, that is disconnected from the chin hair growth. The region under the lower lip is also kept hair-free.

The style can be traced to the old Roman period.

  • Andre 3000
  • Shave all hair from the face leaving just enough on the moustache and under the lower lip and chin.
  • Keep grooming it to maintain the bush.

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Woodsman Look

If you are blessed with thick facial growth, then this is the one for you. It is a classic with thin sideburns, a heavy moustache, and a thick beard. 

The Woodsman look goes back a long time - ever since the woodcutters existed.

As of now, no celebrity flaunts this beard style.

  • Grow your beard and sideburns for 3-4 months. 
  • Thin the sideburn using a razor and trim the hair on the cheek and chin edges.
  • Ensure heavy growth at the chin bottom; nourish the hair.

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Classical Short Beard

This style gives a fuzzy look, often looking ungroomed and unkempt. 

There is no evidence of when the beard came into being, but it has been around for a long time.

  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Varun Dhawan
  • You need to grow a beard for two months without trimming.
  • After this, trim the sideburns and trim the beard to your desired height.

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The Fuzzy Beard

The fuzzy look says it all; the hair growth is along the jaw and the chin but more neatly maintained than the classic short beard. 

The fuzzy beard evolved along with the classic beard, short and full-grown. No exact dates are known, but men have flaunted this style for ages.

  • Tom Hardy
  • Let your beard grow for a month-and-half.
  • Trim the hair short for giving it a neat look. 

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Defined Lines

In this style, the chin is filled with partial hair growth and a small patch lower to the lip. 

The style has evolved in the last few decades with increased awareness about styling and grooming beard and moustache.

  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Grow a beard for a month, then start by shaping it.
  • Trim along the chin and cheek. Also, shave off the hair from the under-lip.

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  • It is a corporate, well-groomed, neat look. The sideburns are hardly there with a floating moustache, a strap of hair on the jawline and the cheeks. There is an hourglass patch below the lower lip.

Air Marshal Italo Balbo during the 2nd World War was responsible for making this beard style popular. 

  • Robert Downey Jr.

  • Grow a beard.

  • Trim your whiskers and all parts of the face except chin and around the mouth.

  • Use a trimmer to give the shape of the balbo beard. It should be wide below the lower lip and then curved downwards and outwards.

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This style is characterised by the full heavy hair growth around the chin, cheek, a well-groomed moustache, and a neat goatee.

The beard is usually sported by people who love to drive lowriders. 

  • Chris Hemswort
  • Grow your beard full for a month.
  • Remove the hair from the cheekbone. 
  • Connect the moustache and goatee as a pencil line. 
  • Keep the hair a bit longer.

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French Fork

The French fork is a unique beard style for an oval face. The bottom of the beard is split into two. The beard style represents French forts from medieval times.

The history of the beard is traced to the French medieval era.

  • Johnny Depp from Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Grow a beard.
  • Trim the moustache and the sides
  • You can keep the hair on the cheeks with a goatee and moustache. 
  • Let the hair on the jawline grow long so that it can be parted and stylised.

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Five O'Clock Shadow

Clean-shaven men have this beard if they do not shave one day. It is a beard in its infancy. It gives you a rugged manly look if kept well.

This beard form has been an integral part of the male species of civilisation.

No celebrity sports this beard right now.

  • Simply cut and trim the facial hair. Keep the hair short to give the appearance of a shadow.

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Hollywoodian Style

 A chin curtain without sideburns and a moustache added to it makes this unique style.

The golden era of Hollywood witnessed many actors sport this style.

  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Grow your beard for a month.
  • Shave off the upper part of the cheek.
  • Leave the hair on your jawline and the goatee and moustache area.
  • Remove the sideburns. 
  • Trim the part connecting the moustache to the beard and trim the soul patch.



The beard looks like a ducktail. Longer hair on the chin with short tight sides.

Not much is known about the evolution of the ducktail style.

  • Brad Pitt
  • Mel Gibson
  • Grow your beard.
  • Trim the cheek hair. 
  • Taper the jawline sides to let the hair meet at the chin.
  • Trim the moustache regularly.

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The Sparrow

beard style for the oval face recognisable from a distance, the sparrow is characterised by a short beard or chin curtain with two beard tails hanging freely from the chin. The other features are the soul patch and a detached moustache.

Braided sparrow beard originated during the 18th century, sported majorly by pirates.

  • Johnny Depp
  • Grow a full beard to at least 4 to 6 inches to shape the tails.
  • Shave the neck and the cheek completely.
  • Shape the moustache and detach it from the beard just below the lower lip.
  • Shape the soul patch. 
  • When the chin hair grows long, part the hair, making two strands, twisting or braiding them.

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The Rap Industry Standard

Think of a chinstrap beard in its thinnest form with very thin lines connecting an ultra-thin pencil moustache and goatee.

This beard style was immensely popular in the late 1990s in the rap industry. The beard style origin is believed to be from when successful rappers worldwide grew the rap industry beard.

  • Kanye West
  • Craig David
  • Begin with a full beard.
  • Start trimming from the ear in a slimline down the jawline. Keep the width to half an inch.
  • Ensure maximum detailing for best results.
  • When shaping the moustache and the goatee, use the smallest trimmer head.

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This style is a mix of the chin curtain with the soul patch or a chin strap with the soul patch. There is another distinctive feature; the style has a flat top, narrow waist, and wider bottom.

This style's origin is not known, but it is a popular style today because of its distinct look.

  • Brett Dalton
  • For this beard style for the oval face, grow a full beard.
  • Trim the beard when the hair grows to make a chin curtain or a chin strap.
  • Clear off hair from all areas except the chin, where the soul patch shape is given. 

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