Eau De Parfum | Firewood (30ml)

Eau De Parfum | Firewood (30ml)


Eau De Parfum | Firewood (30ml)

A perfume reminiscent of an evening spent by campfire.

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Eau De Parfum Firewood Overview

Add wood to your fierce virtue, the fiery aura of your personality, and make a mark on everything ashen with your brilliance. As you do it all, let Firewood be your promised accompaniment.
The top notes exhibit a blend of warm, spicy-sweet, and earthy profiles of nutmeg blended with bergamot and geranium. The settling essence of cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood follow with their exotic and uplifting essence. The base notes of white and pink musk coupled with vetiver leave you and your world smelling like an evening spent in a forest by a fire.

HOW TO USE Eau De Parfum

  • Step 1: Spray the perfume directly on pulse points. It includes the area behind your ears
  • Step 2: Neck region
  • Step 3: Both wrists

For best results, apply the perfume over a moisturiser to make the fragrance last longer.

Quick Tip:
Don't rub your wrists together after spraying the perfume as it may kill the notes and alter the fragrance. Instead, spray it on the pulse points and just lightly dab it.

Benefits of Eau De Parfum

Boosts confidence

Just like an outfit, a good fragrance boosts your confidence and adds to your personality. It sets the world around you ablaze. 

Banishes stress

If you’ve been feeling stressed all day, turn to a bottle of our carefully crafted EDP Firewood adds the right amount of fiery energy to your day. 


Fragrances are known to have relaxing and therapeutic benefits. Firewood exudes the essence of woody warmth coupled with subtleties of earthy sweetness.

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: Bergamot

Also called “the finest flower of citrus”, Bergamot has a very subtle yet more complex scent than most citruses. It is bitter, fruity and mildly floral with a hint of spice. 

Middle Note: Cedarwood

Cedarwood combines extremely well with floral and citrus notes, lending warmth. It blends beautifully with the earthy and warm vibe of musk. 

Base Note: Vetiver

Vetiver is a fragrant oil with a distinctive scent. Sharp and earthy, it adds a lot of depth and nuance to men's fragrances.

Other Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Extra Neutral Alcohol, Perfume, Aqua, Dl-ethyl Phthalate, Isopropyl Myristate, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citral, Hydroxycitronellal, Geraniol Butyphenyl Methylpropional (Lilial), Citronellol, Coumarin Alcohol Content (95% V/V): 79.2% denatured with 2.5% Di-Ethyl Phthalate & 0.5% Tertiary Butyl Alcohol.


Does this fragrance stay for longer?

Absolutely! Firewood has warm and woody notes that are meant to last on your skin for a long time. Additionally, it will also set the world around you ablaze. 

Is this a deo or a perfume?

Firewood is a perfume for men just like any of your favourite colognes. It is not a deo because it is absolutely free of any gas content. 

Which personality does this fragrance fit?

Firewood is a refined and rich fragrance that has been created for a man who has a strong aura and is all set to take over the world. 

I sweat a lot. Will this work for me?

Yes, Firewood is a fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day even if you sweat a lot. You can always spray the product after a few hours to keep the body odour away.

Will this fragrance fetch me compliments?

Yes, it will. Every single time you apply Firewood make sure you’ve got enough room in your heart to fetch compliments from everybody around you.

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Other details

Manufactured by: Helios Packaging Private Ltd. 
Address: A -140, RIICO Industrial Area, EPIP, Neemrana Dist. Alwar - 301705, Rajasthan
Marketed By: Helios Lifestyle Private Limited, 
Spazedge, Tower B, 522-526, sector-47, gurgaon-122002, Haryana, India 
Expires in 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Country of Origin: India

Customer Reviews

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ankita gupta

Eau De Parfum | Firewood (30ml)

Shashi Kumar


Girish Dairies Punj

It is one of my Favourite parfum.which gives you musky fragrance.must recommended for those looking for long lasting fragrance.


Nice fregrence.

SAYAK Chakraborty

Very fresh and long lasting


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