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We've got one for each version of you! Noir - a perfect choice for the party animal,  Bleu for the fitness freak & Rouge for the heart-throb. Go create an enticing lasting impression wherever you go! Ready. Spray. Cheers!
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Cleansing our body for hygiene and well being is one of our most important daily activities. With our urban environment heavy with pollutants wreaking havoc on our looks, the last thing we need are more chemicals applied to our bodies. So, we bring you six natural ways, to kick-start your days!
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The perfect shave combo! Moroccan Argan face wash deep cleanses the skin and washes away dirt and impurities to prepare the skin for an easy and comfortable shave everyday. Tea tree & mint shave gel is the ideal companion for a smooth shave, devoid of cuts and burns. Use the Majestic combo everyday for a refreshing shaving experience and get ready to take on the world!
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Activated Charcoal is a master product. Charcoal is a tried and tested cleansing ingredient, known for its unique ability to draw out toxins from the body - out the dirt and oils that are blocking the pores! Its anti-bacterial properties not only kill germs but also exfoliate your skin. Banish blemishes and toxins, and give your skin a manly glow like never before.
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The Argan Oil is a miracle oil and not only does it act as a great natural moisturizer, its anti-oxidant property makes it an ideal anti aging product. Often called ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is native to Morocco. Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturizer to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, Argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It also give skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant effect makes Argan oil the ideal anti-aging product.

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