• A rich scent of velvety luxury. A heady aroma with warm tones from rich blooms of summer.

    MRP Rs. 1,299
  • Lock those locks with an intense hair regime that treats scalp, prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth while retaining the moisture.

    MRP Rs. 2,097
  • The hero of this kit is super ingredient Activated Charcoal which aids in skin detoxification and hydration.

    MRP Rs. 2,799 OFFER PRICE Rs. 2,699
  • Known for its unique ability to draw the dirt and oils that are blocking the pores!

    MRP Rs. 1,648 OFFER PRICE Rs. 1,599
  • The combo pack offers four premium branded best deo for men - Noir, Bleu, Rogue and the Blanc.

    MRP Rs. 1,396
  • Get that thick heavy beard you've always wanted with a little help from our specially formulated, beard combo.

    MRP Rs. 1,249 OFFER PRICE Rs. 1,199
  • Designed specifically for men, the Charcoal Face Wash and Peel Off deeply cleanses the skin and Anti-Acne Gel to keep your skin blemish-free.

    MRP Rs. 1,397
  • This set of products ensure you are squeaky clean yet not stripped of the moisture your skin needs.

    MRP Rs. 2,398 OFFER PRICE Rs. 2,249
  • A premium shaving brush, carefully crafted with badger like bristles to provide an ultimate shaving experience.

    MRP Rs. 899
  • The anti-bacterial properties of the soap kills germs but also exfoliate your skin.

    MRP Rs. 1,000 OFFER PRICE Rs. 950
  • A perfect blend of musky and woody fragrances .

    MRP Rs. 1,299
  • An acne fighter and antiseptic this removes dead skin cells and improves your overall complexion.

    MRP Rs. 1,048

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