Unravelling LGBTQIA+ With Pride

By Ujjwal Dingliwal

May 26, 2023

If you think LGBTQIA+ is nothing but rainbows and parades, #WeNeedToTalk!

To start with, do you know what gender is? 

Is it similar to your sex, or is it different? 

Have you ever wondered about this?

If not, think now!  


Genetic factors like reproductive parts, hormones, and genes define your sex.

Gender, on the other hand, is how you identify yourself. Only you know your gender. It is also related to how you express yourself on the outside, meaning your clothing choice, behaviour, and appearance. Always remember everyone’s identity should be respected and supported.

So, yeah! Sex and gender are not the same.

Coming to LGBTQIA+, first, let’s get one thing straight, what does it mean?

L- Lesbian

G- Gay

B- Bisexual

T- Transgender

Q- Queer

I- Intersex

A- Asexual

+- Not just a mathematical symbol anymore, but a denotation that explains everything on the sexuality and gender spectrum but cannot be defined by words or letters yet. 

It represents a community that is repressed and marginalised. Every day is a fight for them, a fight for their rights, a fight for their acceptance. The stories of their hardships are not alien to anyone. They struggle to be accepted by their own family and friends. Somewhere a pooja must be being performed to make their child get rid of this so-called shameful thing as you read this blog. People need to accept that you cannot become; you are born. 

You all know how tough it becomes for someone from the spectrum to be themself, even around their family. They are always inside a closet waiting for something magical to happen so that they can come out and breathe freely. What could be done at an individual level to make everyone feel accepted and loved? For starters, you can start by using gender-neutral terms when addressing a whole bunch of people. Or always politely ask for pronouns before beginning a conversation.

What are pronouns?
Others: There are hundreds of genders and they have their own pronouns. To name a few- They / Their / Them / Ze / Zir / Zie / Zey / Zem
Male: He / His / Him
Female: She / Her

There is still a great deal of hatred that people from the spectrum go through, but there is also some acceptance, especially from the younger generation. We hope to create a safe, accepting and loving environment for everyone because the LQBTQIA+phobic future is a grand mess.

June is the month of Pride, and many flags flail on the internet. But we at The Man Company believe it is not enough. #WeNeedToTalk and discuss and understand the everyday struggles the community goes through all year long. Come out and watch Ankush BahugunaNitasha and Urnav discuss the most obvious things that often turn oblivious in our latest episode of The Gentleman Show- What’s Your Gender. And learn about their decision, transition, self-love, and acceptance.

We hope you support the LGBTQIA+ community, and if not, #WeNeedToTalk.

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