Hair Spray 101

By Ujjwal Dingliwal

May 26, 2023

Everything you need to know about The Man Company’s Just Launched Hair Spray.

Hair is confidence!

Hair is a statement!

The way you wear your hair says a lot about you and your personality.

At The Man Company, we believe that a gentleman’s hair game always needs to be on point, and we do everything in our power to bring you products that ensure this.

And, this time, we’ll help change your hair styling game one spray at a time.


Hair Spray By The Man Company


The Man Company’s Hair Spray for men ensures a long-lasting flexible hold, helping you fix your hair the salon way from the comfort of your home. The spray gives you an instant grip with zero residues and maintains the bounce your hair deserves, giving you a more naturally styled matte look. It also ensures that your hair is thoroughly hydrated and conditioned. It is perfect for every weather and every hair type and length. All you’ve got to do is, spray it on wet or dry hair and style as desired. 

What Makes Our Hair Spray Unique?

- Stronghold 

- Infinite styles

- Matte look

- Instant grip with no powdery effect

- Toxin-free

- Suitable for all hair types

Why Should You Choose The Man Company’s Hair Spray?

Long-lasting stronghold:

The Hair Spray by The Man Company delivers a long-lasting stronghold to keep your hairstyle intact for hours on a stretch. It allows you to keep flaunting a salon styled matte look on the go. Our hair spray also keeps your hair hydrated and conditioned. 

Infinite styles:

No matter what hairstyle you want, the Hair Spray by The Man Company has got you covered. So, go ahead, and spray on to keep that stylish hair going about you. The spray works wonders for all hair types and lengths. 

Instant grip with no powdery effect:

Our Hair Spray provides an instant grip on your hair without leaving a powdery residue. The no-residue formula ensures that all you get is perfect looking and hassle-free hairstyles. 

Hair Types That Can Use The Hair Spray

- Long

- Short

- Wavy

- Curly

You can use The Man Company’s Hair Spray irrespective of your hair length. What adds up to the convenience is that the spray can be used to style both wet and dry hair. 


Hair Styles for different hair


How To Use The Man Company’s Hair Spray?

It’s super convenient and easy to use our hair spray. To achieve the perfect-looking hair all you’ve got to do is:

Step 1: Hold the can 10cms away 

Step 2: Spray it all over your hair

Step 3: Spread it using your hands & fingers

Step 4: Style as desired

Go ahead, spray some, style some, and look awesome.

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