Clean Sweep Unwanted Hair

By Ujjwal Dingliwal

May 25, 2023

The Man Company’s Hair Removal Cream to the rescue. 

We understand that a gentleman also needs to flaunt a clean and hair-free body, which is why we decided to lend you a Clean Sweep. One of the best things about our dermatologically tested Hair Removal Cream is that it helps painlessly remove unwanted hair from your body with the power of Charcoal & Turmeric in just 4-5 minutes. 

Why should you choose Hair Removal Cream?

Dermatologically Tested: 

The Hair Removal Cream is dermatologically tested and is safe for all skin and hair types. Even the shortest of hair does not stand a chance to stay behind. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you patch test the product before complete application.

Removes Unwanted Hair In Just 5 Minutes:

The Man Company’s dermatologically tested Hair Removal Cream helps remove unwanted hair in 4-5 minutes with the power of charcoal and turmeric. If you have coarse hair, you can leave it on for up to 8 minutes, but not beyond that. You can use it to remove hair from your chest, arms, legs and back. The cream also ensures that you do not have any in-grown hair on your skin. 

 Moisturises & Soothes The Skin:

Our Hair Removal Cream ensures that your skin stays moisturised for up to  24 hours and irritation-free after every use due to moisturising agents like Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Extract. It does not rip natural moisture from your skin. The natural ingredients also ensure a pleasant smell. 

Pleasant Smell: 

Unlike other hair removal creams, ours has a pleasant smell due to the presence of natural ingredients. Now go on get rid of that unwanted hair in a better way. 

Benefits of Charcoal & Turmeric in Hair Removal Cream


- Deeply detoxifies 

- Adds glow

- Tightens the skin


- Slows & stops hair growth

- Anti-inflammatory

- Brightens the skin

Where Can You Use The Hair Removal Cream?

- Chest

- Arms

- Legs

- Back

How To Use The Hair Removal Cream?

Step 1: Spread the cream evenly on your skin, covering all hair

Step 2: Leave it on for 4-5 minutes

Step 3: Remove it using the spatula against your hair growth

Step 4: Rinse it with water and pat your skin dry

For best results, avoid scratching and refrain from using perfumes and deodorants for 24 hours. Never keep the Hair Removal Cream on for more than 8 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you patch test the product before complete application. 

Now go ahead, get rid of all the unwanted hair without any pain, cuts, nicks and inflammation, and flaunt that bare and smooth body. 

#CleanSweep is the way to go. 

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