Eau De Parfum | Intense (8 ML)

Eau De Parfum | Intense (8 ML)


Eau De Parfum | Intense (8 ML)

An intense fragrance of sensual warmth and sweetness.

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Long-lasting freshness

Premium quality

Rich fragrance

Perfect for everyday use

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Eau De Parfum Intense Overview

We’ve taken our time to revel in a range of natural ingredients and formulate our Eau De Parfum Intense. An Oriental fragrance with unmatched warm and musky top notes blended beautifully with lavender’s exotic sweetness and lemon’s citrusy freshness. It holds to its core a distinct spicy-sweet blend of patchouli, coffee accord and plum. What lasts and reverberates in the end is a subtle base note of rich and woody amberwood perfected with a sweet and sultry touch of vanilla.

How to use Eau De Parfum

  • Step 1: Spray the perfume directly on pulse points. It includes the area behind your ears
  • Step 2: Neck region
  • Step 3: Both wrists

Quick Tip:
Don't rub your wrists together after spraying the perfume as it may kill the notes and alter the fragrance. Instead, spray it on the pulse points and just lightly dab it.


Adds to your personality  

A rich fragrance is like a style statement that adds up to your personality. A touch of your truth, EDP Intense is going to work like your second sensual skin.

Elevates your spirit  

Intense is the kind of fragrance that not only plays a huge part in improving your mood, it can also work on your attitude towards life. Higher the note, higher the spirit.

Wards off body odour  

It comes as no surprise that a good fragrance can ward off body odour and sometimes also enhance your natural body odours

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: Oriental 
A fragrance that opens with an oriental note is supposed to freshen up your mind, body and soul.

Middle Note: Patchouli 
Due to its presence in the heart note patchouli adds to your scent an earthy and herbaceous vibe.

Base Note: Vanilla

Vanilla’s reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac endures, and it’s often present in alluring fragrances.

Other Ingredients

Fragrance Notes:

Top : Oriental, Lavender, Lemon
Mid : Patchouli, Coffee accord, Plum
Base : Vanilla, Amberwood, Musky

Other Ingredients: Extra Neutral Alcohol(79.2%), Perfume(12%), Aqua(5.5%), Di-ethyl Phthalate(2%), Isopropyl Myristate(1%), Tertiary Butyl Alcohol(0.4%), Limonene, Linalool, Eugenol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hydroxyisohexyl 3 Cyclohexene Carboxalehyde (Lyral), Citral, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Geraniol.


I sweat a lot. Will this work for me?

Yes, Intense is a fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh all throughout the day even if you sweat a lot. You can always reapply the product after a few hours to keep body odour away.


Which time of the day is perfect to wear this fragrance?

Our carefully crafted Eau De Parfum Intense is an evening fragrance with a well-chosen blend of oriental and exotic notes. Now you know what to wear to your next evening out. 


Which personality does this fragrance suit?

We’ve designed Intense for the man who sways through his day marking his many achievements, etching a new way of delight on his canvas.


How long will the fragrance last after I apply it in the morning?
Trust us when we say that even after transitioning the fragrance will linger onto you throughout the day. 


Can I only use this fragrance in the evening?

Of course not. You can use the fragrance at any time of the day as per your preference. However, because of its warm and sensual notes, Intense makes for a perfect evening

Other Details

Manufactured By: Helios Packaging Private Ltd. 
Address: A -140, RIICO Industrial Area, EPIP, Neemrana Dist. Alwar - 301705, Rajasthan
Marketed By: Helios Lifestyle Private Limited, 
Spazedge, Tower B, 522-526, sector-47, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana, India 
Expires in 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Country of Origin: India

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Eau De Parfum | Intense (8 ML)