What are MinStrips?

MinStrips are rapid-dissolving Vitamin strips that melt on your tongue to deliver nutrition, wellness, and a healthier lifestyle to make you a better version of yourself, one strip at a time.

How many MinStrips can I consume per day?

MinStrips complement your day-to-day efforts of being a better and healthier version of yourself. We recommend consuming 1 strip per day to keep an unhealthy lifestyle away. However, you can most certainly intake multiple variants of MinStrips every day.

Are MinStrips safe?

Yes, MinStrips are absolutely safe. In simple terms, they are the new “IT way” to provide your body with the Vitamin goodness it deserves. 

MinStrips by Mins are naturally-formulated sugar-free Vitamin strips that are GMP certified and Halal compliant with zero side effects. They have the highest quality of active ingredients to deliver nutrition that is both safe and effective. 

In case you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consult your physician before taking MinStrips. 

How do MinStrips work?

MinStrips sure are scientifically innovative, but there isn’t any rocket science attached to how they work. All you have to do is 


open the pouch


the strip on your tongue


and let it dissolve

At what age can I start consuming MinStrips?

MinStrips can be consumed by adults of age 18 and above.

Why should I choose MinStrips over gummies, pills or other supplements?

Pills can be ineffective because of a slower absorption rate, while gummies and health drinks have high sugar levels and calorie counts. 

So, here are all the reasons why MinStrips are min to be your first choice:

- Rapid dissolving 

- Faster absorption

- Sugar-free

Do I need MinStrips if I already practice a healthy lifestyle?

MinStrips are not a medication. They are a way of life. 

If you practice a healthy lifestyle, consuming MinStrips will lend all the Vitamin boost you need to become a better and healthier version of yourself.

How soon can I start seeing the results?

It’s all in the baby steps. One strip at a time! Despite all the good things that our MinStrips can make happen, they surely cannot make magic happen in a day. 

Be consistent and patient to see desired results. 

Most important of all, practice healthy lifestyle changes to become a better you.

Are MinStrips vegetarian?

Yes! MinStrips do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, making them vegetarian.

What MinStrips cannot do?

MinStrips cannot make magic happen in a day. Be consistent and patient to get to the better version of yourself. 

Do MinStrips have any side effects?

No! MinStrips will not cause any side effects as they have Vitamins and the highest quality active ingredients.

Are MinStrips natural?

Yes! MinStrips are natural. Each strip has Vitamins and natural active ingredients of the highest quality. The colours used in each of the variants are derived naturally. 

Which all certifications do MinStrips have?




- Halal 

- Health Canada


Are MinStrips sugar-free?

Yes! Our Vitamin-filled MinStrips are sugar-free and only have stevia extracts and natural flavours.

What does Non-GMO mean?

The non-GMO claim means that a product does not use any ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms, asserting that MinStrips only contain ingredients obtained in their most natural form and are far off from any artificial alterations.

Are MinStrips gluten-free?

Yes! Our MinStrips are gluten-free.

When can I stop taking MinStrips?

MinStrips are not a medication, so there is no timeline attached to their consumption. They are a nutritious addition that helps upkeep a healthy lifestyle. 

We recommended taking them for at least 90 days. However, you can stop any time you want. 

Having said that, once you start taking Minstrips, you will fall in love with them in a min and never want to stop. 

Are MinStrips habit-forming?

No! MinStrips are not habit-forming at all. You can start and stop as and when you like, depending on your need. 

What if I miss taking MinStrips for a day?

With MinStrips, consistency is the key. Skipping a day won’t affect you adversely, but stick to the mantra “One strip a day to keep unhealthy lifestyle at bay”.