Complementary Product

  • Refresh and rejuvenate with the power of activated charcoal to get rid of blackheads & dead skin

    414 Reviews
    MRP Rs. 349
  • The perfume is the right choice for the men who are looking to enjoy a classic long lasting fragrance round the clock.

    173 Reviews
    MRP Rs. 349
  • Charcoal Soap’s anti-bacterial properties not only kills germs but also exfoliates your skin.

    614 Reviews
    MRP Rs. 250
  • Moisturises the skin and stubble to prepare it for a smooth shave and avoid razor cuts & burns

    27 Reviews
    MRP Rs. 499
  • Powerful charcoal to tackle the toughest skin problems like oily skin blackheads, pimples & wrinkles

    46 Reviews
    MRP Rs. 349
  • Formulated to cleanse the beard from root to tip while nourishing it, without drying out the skin

    MRP Rs. 350

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