Pre Shave Oil | Argan & Jojoba

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Pre-Shave Oil | Argan & Jojoba  (50ml)

Our Pre-Shave oil contains seven essential oils for moisturizing, healing and conditioning. The oil softens the stubble for a close and smooth shave. The Pre-Shave oil forms a greasy layer over the stubble, protecting the skin from cuts and burns generally caused by the razor. This oil also takes care of the dry and sensitive facial skin.


How to Use The Man Company Pre-Shave Oil?
  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly using a good quality face wash (such as Charcoal Face Wash)
  2. Apply the The Man Company Pre-Shave Oil on wet face throughout your shaving area and massage it gently to ensure complete absorption
  3. Thoroughly lather using a good shave gel (such as Tea Tree Mint Shave Gel)
  4. Proceed to shave off your facial hair with your regular razor
How our Pre-Shave Oil Works?
Pre-Shave Oil is not a replacement for a shaving foam or gel, it is a supplement to your regular shaving regime. Pre-Shave Oil works to reduce nicks and irritation by increasing the skin suppleness. Our Pre-Shave Oil penetrates and holds water in the skin, making the skin better moisturized and very supple. When a razor blade drags across the well-moisturized skin, the skin "gives" to the blade and will bend or conform significantly to the shape of the blade before it will be torn or cut by the blade. This is the property of being supple. On the other hand, if the skin is dry (without using a Pre-Shave Oil), it will not be very supple. When the blade drags across the skin, the skin will not give or conform to the blade, but will instead instantly tear and/or become irritated.

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