Best Father's Day Gift Ideas From Daughters In 2022

By Paridhi Gupta

May 26, 2023

Here is how you can surprise your dad.

All you girls will agree that you are spoilt the most by your dads.

But, how many times do you spoil him back?

Not many, right? 

You always presume that they do not like receiving gifts because they call you the best gift of their lives. Well, it is true. You aren't called princesses for no reason. But, this Father's Day is the perfect occasion to surprise your kings by going all out.

A father-daughter bond is like the purest form of an elixir that is special, rare and deserves a celebration. Finding the right gift to celebrate your dad and everything he does for you can be tricky, and we're here to help.

Here Are Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Daughters

Cook Him His Favourite Meal:

A simple gesture filled with affectionate effort always tops the gifting list. And nothing says effort better than cooking your dad's favourite meal all by yourself. Extra salt or not, this meal will fill his heart because of the love you pour into it. If your dad has teary eyes, don’t think it is all emotion, and check for the spice level. Nonetheless, he will feel all mushy at heart.

Take Him Out On A Date:

Girls, you must have gone on dates with multiple guys but have you ever gone on a date with your dad? If not, this Father’s Day is the perfect day to plan one. Dress up, dine and have a fun time. Don't forget to take care of the bill, just like he takes care of yours.

Spoil Him With A Shopping Spree:

The art of pampering begins with shopping. Taking your dad out on a shopping spree will also allow you to spend quality time together. You taking him out shopping for a change will be exciting and surprising. The fun part is that you can always steal his oversized clothes later.

If planning lunches and outings is not your thing, we’ve got you covered with our unique pre-set grooming boxes that your dad will love.

Here Are the Top 5 The Man Company Grooming Gift Boxes For Father’s Day

1. Party Starter Kit:

Your dad adds a spark of happiness to your life daily, and now is the time to give it back to him. Our Party Starter Kit has a Body Perfume Noir and Eau De Toilette Noir to keep your dad in the right spirit. These scents are long-lasting and will keep fetching compliments to make every day a good day for him.

2. His Fave Kit:

If your dad dons a beard and can't get enough of it, he will love this. His Fave Kit has a After Shave Spray, Shaving Foam, Charcoal Body Wash, Eau de Parfum Ombre and Eau de Parfum Amour.

3. Multifaceted Man

If your dad loves making a scent-sational statement, this is the perfect pick. Our Multifaceted Man is a set of 4 Body Perfumes (Blanc, Bleu, Rouge & Noir) to keep your father smelling good no matter what time of the day.

4. Caffeine Gang

Does your dad love coffee just as much as he loves you? We’ve got the best gift for him this Father’s Day. Our Caffeine Gang has a Face Wash, Face Mask, Face Scrub, Face Moisturiser, and Face Serum to keep your dad glowing and going with the goodness of caffeine.

5. Ultimate Grooming Kit

Make this Father’s Day all about grooming the gentleman in your dad. Surprise him with our Ultimate Grooming Kit that has a Trimmer, Skin Brightening Cream, Charcoal Body Wash, Eau De Toilette Black, Face Wash, Shampoo and Blackberry Pouch Case to keep his grooming on the go.

If you want to customise your love, we allow you to Curate Your Own Gift Box. Nothing beats a personalised Father’s Day gift.

How can you do this? Just follow these simple steps to give your dad an ultimate surprise.

Step1: Open The Man Company’s website

Step2: Click on the CYOB section

Step3: Choose your desired products

Step4: Add a personalised photo & message

Step5: Choose a wrapping

Step6: Review your gift box

Tada! Your personalised Father’s Day Gift is now ready.

If you still haven’t been able to make up your mind on what to pick for your dad, we’ll introduce you to the greatest gift of all. A gift that says “I love you dad, and I’m thankful for you” like none other - A hug.

This Father’s Day, #GiftYourDadAHug.

A gift so simple, yet so powerful to make him go weak in the knees and all touchy in the heart. Even if you choose to not say something, this one hug will say it all for you.

Go ahead, express and see the magic happen!

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