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Valiant Shave Combo - The Man Company

Valiant Shave Combo

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Heading out in a hurry but got to look impeccable? The Valiant Shave Combo is perfect for those hurried moments.
The Tea Tree & Mint Shave Gel gets you a super comfortable shave. The Jojoba & Mint Post Shave Lotion heals and refreshes. 1. 2. Go!

You will earn 67800 TMC Reward Points with this purchase

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1. Shave Gel | Tea Tree Mint - 100 ml
2. Post Shave Lotion | Jojoba & Mint - 50 ml

    Shave Gel | Tea Tree Mint - 100 ml: Just the real stuff. No synthetic fragrances and oils at all. Has a cooling and soothing effect on you and your skin. Especially good at nourishing dull skin and improving the texture of oily skin. 

    Tea tree has many anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits. It treats wounds and minor cuts, a huge possibility while shaving, and encourages healing while preventing infections. The ideal companion to have when a blade is running on your skin. Mint oil gives you the cooling and refreshing effect and also works towards brightening up dull skin. A great combination to have with you always.

    Wet the face with warm water. Squeeze some of this exquisite shaving gel onto a shaving brush and gently build up lather on the face. Shave. Wash face with warm water. Feel the difference. Go on...you are ready to take on the world now.

    Post Shave Lotion | Jojoba & Mint - 50 ml: The Jojoba & Mint Post-Shave Lotion contains six essential oils for moisturizing, healing and conditioning. It helps in soothing post-shave skin irritation, heals cuts & burns and has a cooling effect.

    Jojoba essential oil moisturizes the skin while maintaining the skin's oil balance, making it suitable even for oily skin. The vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil helps in damage control and skin repair. Under the protective layer of this natural essential oil, the skin can regenerate and normalize.

    Peppermint oil has anti-microbial properties, which makes it an excellent ingredient to help cure acne. It brightens dull skin, has calming effects on skin inflammation and gives a soothing cooling sensation.

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    5 stars for the packaging

    I love the effort you are putting into making the packaging,cute Lil card for Father's day,wooden box lyk seriously ? All around 500 bucks ? The entire package has a rich look,authentic feel and elegant touch. I'm writing review immediately after opening the package. I'll ask my dad about the product and write review on product. Thank you so much for making products for Father's day. I'm sending all the love and support for your efforts❤️

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