The Big Boyar - Beard Comb

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  • The Big Boyar - Beard Comb
  • The Big Boyar - Beard Comb
  • The Big Boyar - Beard Comb

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Beard is the new six-pack! Every guy wants it, to flaunt it! The Man Company takes the pleasure to introduce a magnificent range of hand crafted beard boyars! We like calling our beard combs as Boyars!

Your beard is special, so is the Big Boyar!


The Big Boyar has saw cut teeth and a well defined tail. Each tooth of The Big Boyar is long and well crafted, to give your beard the shape you want. The tail of the big boyar helps you construct and stylize your beard, after using beard oils and beard washes. The Big Boyer is made with laminated technology, which adds multiple layers to it. Made with Azadirachta Indica, commonly known as Neem, each layer promises strength and anti bacterial qualities, to give you a hygienic and clean experience. Neem wood is natural, non-invasive and herbal, which helps in keeping your beard groomed and static. 

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