Chamomile & Rosewood | Shampoo

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  • Chamomile & Rosewood | Shampoo
  • Chamomile & Rosewood | Shampoo
  • Chamomile & Rosewood | Shampoo

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Shampoo (200 ml) - Roman Chamomile & Brazilian Rosewood

SLS and Paraben free products. Natural essential oils used. No harmful chemicals.

Just the real stuff. No synthetic fragrances or oils at all. Gives dry hair that much needed top up. Moisturise your scalp with the rejuvenating qualities of Chamomile and Brazilian Rosewood.

Chamomile is an effective natural solution for dandruff. With its anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-microbial properties, chamomile helps encourage healthier hair regrowth. Chamomile also has a calming and soothing effect. It conditions the scalp as well as nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles, stimulating the growth of fuller, thicker, and healthier hair strands.In addition, it also soothes the irritated scalp. It hydrates the scalp, thus eases the associated irritation and itching. Rosewood also helps manage oily scalps.

Take a small dollop of the shampoo and rub into wet hair and scalp thoroughly. Leave it on for 15 seconds and rinse properly. For best results use it daily.

Ingredients : Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Coco Mono Ethanol Amide,PEG-400, Benzophenone 4, Polyox Wsr 205, Dimethicone Derivative Dc 2085 (Dc 1785), DM DM Hydantoin, Cetstearyl Alcohol, Hgo 8219, Coco Amido Propyl Betaine, D-Panthonol,Carbopol 980, (Synthalen E80), Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), Guar Hydroxy Propyl Trimonium Chloride, Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid Tetra Sodium, Roman Chamomile essential oil, Rosewood essential oil, Coconut Di Ethanol Amide, Water.

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