Pinnacle Gift Box

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  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box
  • Pinnacle Gift Box

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Box Contents:
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo (200 ml)
  • Argan & Almond Hair Oil
  • Blanc Perfume EDT (100 ml)
  • Charcoal Soap Bar (100 gm)
  • Black Pepper & Bergamot Soap Bar (100 gm)
  • TMC Neem Wood Comb

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo - Argan oil is not only beneficial to skin – it is also great for hair. This non-greasy oilmakes for the perfect leave-in conditioner that makes your hair easier to style while promoting body, and a healthy shine.There is some research that indicates Argan oil can even promote hair growth. Go on..use it daily.

Argan & Almond Oil - This oil is the perfect choice for growth, shine, prevention of hair fall and prevention of dandruff. A One Man Army! Argan, often called ‘liquid gold’, is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. Tame hair frizz naturally and controls hair fall. This oil instantly enhances manageability, shine and ensures long-lasting conditioning. Sweet Almond Oil is packed with Vitamin E. It works to nourish and smoothen your hair, enhancing manageability and shine. Nourish each hair from the root, and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and dandruff free. Jojoba essential Oil and Bhringraj essential Oil promote growth and prevent hair fall.

Blanc Fragrance - Exotic, musky and masculine. The Man Company blanc is a white oriental fragrance, with citrus and aromatic notes. It is meant for the man who carries a mixture of warmth and sensuality as his second skin, with blanc evoking his inner nature of intense and sophisticated masculinity.  A masterpiece of ethereal and sublime emotions for the noble man.

Charcoal Soap Bar - Charcoal and soap might seem like two words that do not go well together, but Charcoal is a tried and tested cleansing ingredient, known for its unique ability to draw out toxins from the body - out the dirt and oils that are blocking the pores! Its anti-bacterial properties not only kill germs but also exfoliate your skin. Banish blemishes and toxins, and give your skin a manly glow like never before. Using our Charcoal bar consistently on your face can reduce or eliminate acne, bumps and blackheads. Our Charcoal soap is also a great body bar for an all over skin detox, as well as a wonderful soap for your hands as Charcoal soap can help reduce pigmentation and make your hands look younger.

Black Pepper & Bergamot Soap Bar - Enjoy the subtle scent of freshly grated pepper with our Blackpepper soap, made with fresh organic peppercorns. This very light scented soap also acts as an exfoliator, as it scrubs away dead skin, and gives you a fresh and polished glow. The antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of pepper work to rejuvenate your skin and give you long lasting protection. Coupled with the citrusy freshness of Bergamot, this is perfect soap for a super fresh start to the day.

TMC Neem Wood Comb - Having 2 types of teeth, the comb serves a purpose of setting the hair strands efficiently. The fine teeth side should only be used after using the fat medium teeth. TMC Neem Wood Comb is no regular comb. As the name suggests, this comb is carved out of the very famous Indian wood, named Azadirachta Indica, commonly known as Neem! What could be smarter, than combining a natural medicinal wood, with an essential used regularly? This product is more than just a comb. It is a treatment, that would take care of hair fall, dandruff, and an itchy scalp. The neem wood comb also helps in curbing balding. How can we call it just a comb?

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