How to refer customers

Partners share their unique

code or unique link with their



Customers can click on the

unique link and come and

shop at


On successful order
placement, we will attribute

the sale to the partner.


If a customer uses the partner

code instead of the link, then

he can also get a 20%

discount on his purchase


You will receive a 15%

commision for every sale

made using your code or link

How to refer other people under you:
There are 3 levels of commission as follows:
Seller Commission : Upto 15%
Let's take A, B, C for example

If you refer A to the partnership program, there are two ways for them to let us know they were referred by you.

1. There is a drop-down in the sign up form where they will be able to find your name if you are a registered partner.

2. You can provide them with a unique link to a registration form, where they will be signed up under your referral automatically.

Once A is a registered partner under your referral, they will receive a code and link to give refer customers. The referral will work the same for them, but you will receive an additional 5% from any purchase made using A’s link or code.

A has now referred B to the partner program. When B signs up for the program they will click on A's name on the sign-up form as “referred by.” B will receive their unique link and code. When a customer uses the code or link, B will receive 15% commision, A will receive 5% commision and you will receive 3% commission from that purchase.

The last level is B referring C.

C receives their code and link and shares it. When a customer uses C’s link or code,

C will receive 15% commission

B will receive 5% commission

You will receive 2% commission

The Partner Dashboard

1. Here, you will be able to track your performance as a TMC partner.

2. You will get access to the total amount of sales that have been made using your code/link and will be able to track your commission earned as well.

3. You will also have access to a gallery which contains images that can be used by you to share with customers along with your code or link.

Payement Process

1. Partners need to submit their payment details at upon sign up.

2. After the end of the month, The Man Company will validate all the orders received from the partner and confirm the final amount due for the partner.

3. Partners need to submit an Invoice for that amount to The Man Company Finance. In case of companies, partners can add GST extra (as applicable) to the Invoice amount.

4. All payment will be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Invoice.

5. TDS of 5% will be deducted if the partner submits a PAN card. If PAN card is not available, then TDS of 20% will be deducted from the payout.

Terms & conditions

1. All commissions will be calculated after deducting taxes and shipping charges from the net order value.

2. Commissions will be paid only for confirmed and delivered orders.

3. No commissions are applicable for Sanitizers and Gift Cards.

4. In case a customer is referred by two partners, then the partner whose unique link was clicked last by the customer before placing the order will be considered as final.

5. The Man Company reserves the right to change the commissions structure or any of the above terms without prior notice.