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  • Superior Box
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Box Contents:
  • Tea Tree & Mint Body Wash (200 ml)
  • Coffee Bean & Patchouli Shampoo (200 ml)
  • Argan & Almond Hair Oil (50 ml)

Tea Tree & Mint Body Wash - Tea Tree oil has powerful antibacterial properties and therefore, it makes a neat natural alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide, the chemical used in other types of acne treatments and, unlike its manufactured counterparts, Tea Tree oil doesn’t  leave  your skin red and peeling. It is also great for dry skin. Mint oil gives you the cooling and refreshing effect and also works towards brightening up dull skin. A great combination to have with you always.

Coffee Bean & Patchouli Shampoo - Pachouli essential oil is great for treating oily hair and preventing dandruff. And the invigorating smell of coffee beans just takes this exquisite shampoo to the next level. What a way to start your day. The fragrance of fresh Coffee Beans and Pachouli together, will surely make your hair smell the best!

Argan & Almond Hair Oil - This oil is the perfect choice for growth, shine, prevention of hair fall and prevention of dandruff. A One Man Army! Argan, often called ‘liquid gold’, is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. Tame hair frizz naturally and controls hair fall. This oil instantly enhances manageability, shine and ensures long-lasting conditioning. Sweet Almond Oil is packed with Vitamin E. It works to nourish and smoothen your hair, enhancing manageability and shine. Nourish each hair from the root, and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and dandruff free. Jojoba essential Oil and Bhringraj essential Oil promote growth and prevent hair fall.

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