Understanding Humour

By:Ankit Apurv

Understanding Humour

It takes a lot to be a Man. And humour is a big chunk in it. The jokes with the guys, the riddles with the ladies, the cute nothings with the babies, the adolescent repartee with the young ones, the naughty ones with your only one. Humour changes its manner from place-to-place and people-to-people. Being a Man, you need to interact with all variety of people in various situations and humour is the best ice-breaker or even a thorough conversation.

Slick Humour

man laughing slick

The lightest of the lot, the one which to get a reaction out of everyone- though not always positive but it will leave a mark. This is the kind of humour what you do with little ones, like cutting of your thumb or joking about how they write or like their teachers or the kids they know. The more you approach with this variety to the older audiences you tend to see the levels of derision on their faces increasing with each successive attempt. Word of the wise, don’t try this with your parents.

Wet Humour

man laughing wet humour

The ones which you start understanding when you hit puberty and goes on whenever you’re with your buddies. These tend to be the one’s which drive immediate laughter and best used with people you’re super comfortable with, or want to be super comfortable with. Be it clients or colleague from work or the people in your hobby club who you would like to know better, use these pieces to hit an instant rapport.

Dry Humour

man laughing dry humour

Almost intelligent and insulting, with the ability of being both together. Not something to be tried casually, as it can backfire terribly if not done right. Political, innuendoes, religious material come under this and are directed at an individual instead of a general statement. Direct it at only two kind of individuals, the ones who can take, appreciate & reciprocate a joke and second, the ones about whom you don’t give a damn.

Sarcastic Humour

sarcastic man laugh

This is more of the commentary kind of humour, not directed at any individual but is a general account of what is happening around us. This is the kind of material where you need an audience, however small, as it is meant to be commented on to let you move to the next piece in the series. Requiring some pre-planning, the only way to perfectly execute this is being very well-read and aware of the world around you.

The downright Bawdy

man laughing

The most remembered jokes and if you can’t beat them, join them. Generally indulged in close company, away from the opposite sex and in hushed tones followed by guffaws. Sex is the second oldest profession and it has made its way in jokes since the very first time someone slipped and missed

Humour is a great hobby to pursue and the various types let you know what to try where, when and with whom. It helps you mature as a person in understanding human behaviour and making you sharper in the process. So go ahead, start joking, keep laughing and be the MAN.

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