The 5 things which make you a man

It takes a lot to be a Man. It is not just the physical being of a man with musculature but also the way you behave, react, act, expect, accept and more. It is tough, because you’re expected to tolerate, not cry, not let the world know your feelings and all this without flinching an inch. Expectations from a man are much more than the allowances given to him. Either we can go the easy way and leave it all or make it work for us.

Respect out, Respect in


An action begets a reaction. Always respect everyone and everything. Most won’t get it, lots don’t deserve it but a select few will reciprocate it. No need to waste time in identifying who is worth it, just do it. It won’t cost you a thing and the ones who get back to you will appreciate your genuine-ness and stick by you.

Put a Smile on that Face

smile on the face

It’s no use being sad. Ever. Even if it’s the worst thing that could happen to you. Every second you spend being sad is a second taken away from being happy. It won’t be in your power to control living, but you can control how you go about your life. And as long as you can do that, you might as well do it with a smile.

Be Cool

cool man

Why does the Man stem from Don Corleone? Why is Vijay Dinanath Chauhan the man you go to? What made the Joker the Batman’s alter ego? It’s all about the cool and the swag they carried. Situations are planned and they will follow as you make them and even a spanner in the works will not let you lose your cool. And know what cool is, it isn’t just taking things calmly. Being cool means being aware of everything that can happen, planning the steps and keeping it to yourself.

The Style

man with style

Metrosexual, ultrasexual, omnisexual, retrosexual and whatever other kinds of sexual that the tabloids can come up with is not the way to be. Be normal sexual and you’re done. Knowing what you can and cannot do is the sexiest thing that you can do for you. That way you won’t make a fool of yourself and can work better on your craft.

The Clothing

man clothing

While it’s true that whatever lets you be comfortable is what you should be wearing but here’s the fine print. As long as it is smart, falls easy on your body, lets you move easily, is functional and doesn’t have too many colours it is good for you. So, no sleeping boxers when at the grocers and no loafers when at work. No tie when at a movie and no round-necks when at a dinner. Understand the location, the occasion and wear accordingly.

Being a man means living up to a lot of expectations, some of these are unreal at times. Conditioning dictates a lot as well. Know that being a hermit isn’t about staying in the hills, it is being detached without worries and still being part of the huddle. Realise the fine line where it exists for you and be the MAN.

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