Game of joysticks, have the perfect gaming night in 4 steps

By:Ankit Apurv

Game of joysticks, have the perfect gaming night in 4 steps

Love lazing around on your recliner sofa with a joystick in one hand and a chilled glass of beer in the other? Not many men out there who wouldn’t.  And it gets even better if you have your besties for a gaming night. After all the more the merrier. Sounds perfect, right? Well guess what, there are ground rules for gaming as well as gamers. And here are 4 tips to set the perfect video game night:

Set the ambiance
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There’s nothing like a comfy sofa or bean bags to make sure that your friends are all settled in and geared up. After all, you wouldn’t want them to play the game on those clumsy looking plastic chairs. And remember, do not jump straight to the game. Try catching up and settle in with the right chat, booze and conversation. It’s a nice build up before you get those controls in your hand.

Prepare the right guest list
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This is mission critical. A wrong guest list and your game night can be doomed. Do not have a long guest list, just like-minded gamers who are there to do their business with the joystick in their hands. Those cheerleaders might not turn up at your place but your pals are always there with you to cheer you on while you fire those baddies or score a goal.

Food for thought
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A four course meal and gaming is not quite the right combo. Instead go for something that’s quick and easy on your fingers just like chips, pizzas or burgers. And what about drinks? Get the six packs, we meant the beer. Beer requires minimum effort. Just open the bottle, guzzle it and head back to the joystick.

Game of control
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Make sure everyone is on the same page or rather a game disc when it comes to your video game night. Have the right collection. Quality always wins over quantity when it comes to games. Pick up the right titles that will keep everyone engaged and it’s also a good idea to focus on one game at a time. Last but not the least, decide in advance regarding the game of the day so that you and your buddies know what they are getting into.

Speaking of a gaming session, it’s important that you look like you’re all ready to plug and play. Don’t show up looking like a drab. Be in command and conquer mode with the right look, which starts from premium grooming products from The Man Company. Gentlemen, let the video game nights begin.

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