Dress style for the start up guy – Your guide to Start up Casual

Dress the part if you want the part. This is an element of expression of success in today’s day and age. And today is the day of the start up, where casual rules the roost.  Watch out for “start up casual” as a new dress code to fit in, a startup style as younger people are turning up to work at new and exciting places, expect a few of the old guard to be shown the door. Here are a few elements of startup attire that is seen in offices of the newly established. Just ask Zuckerberg himself.

1. The hooded sweatshirt with zip

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See the programmer in the corner huddled in front of the computer monitor under the powerful split air conditioner poring through a million lines in his code? Chances are that he is clad in a thick hooded sweatshirt akin to a new age monk in front of his altar.

2. The top

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Ubiquitous, simple and classic. The crew neck t-shirt goes equally well under a business suit for those power lunch presentations or by itself for that working brunch meeting with all the dudes and dudettes of your firm.  Allow yourself to go wild with the prints and the smart alec statements you may find. There is no better form of self expression! The Hipster is in. The plaid shirt has made a comeback. It has firmly imprinted itself into the current fashion psyche . Additionally one can attribute the Late Steve Jobs to the rise of the turtleneck.

3.The feet

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Complete your look with the low riders of the canvas clad. Of various price bands, prints and colours ; the choice is yours.  Surprisingly these can go very well with the above mentioned suit and tee shirt combo. Loafers and boat shoes are also favourites, just make sure that slippers or flip flops are not part of this as there is no great fashion faux pas. Also, in another nod to the ‘80s, Steve Jobs brought back the sneakers.

4. Jeans and Khakis

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Slim fits are the way to go when on the job. Ensure no faded attire forms part of your attire, also, unlike other entries from the ‘80s no ripped jeans please! Khakis can also work provided one wears a dress shirt.

The major advantage to start up casual is the sheer comfort and expression in style one can have at their work place. With the right startup style, you’ll need the right grooming too. Make sure you pick up premium grooming products with natural ingredients from The Man Company.

So, Mr. Startup, what are you waiting for? Get started right now.


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