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Basic Bearings-An Introduction to Men’s Grooming

Basic Bearings-An Introduction to Men’s Grooming

Authored By Ankit Apurv
  1. Shave


Source – webmd.com

You know what they say about first impressions – and a man’s face is always the first thing they notice about him. Whether you wish to stay clean shaven or don a beard, there are several rules to keep in mind here – good shaving technique, using high quality natural ingredients in your shaving cream/gel & aftershave and keeping a good set of whiskers trimmed with precision are trademarks of a well-groomed man.

  1. Skin


Source – porcelainfacespa,com

You’d be surprised at how much physical contact we make in a day – handshakes, embraces, casual greetings – a well-groomed man is one who keeps his skin in great shape no matter the conditions. Got oily skin? Use beneficial ingredients such as tea tree oil in your soaps and face wash. No-one’s fond of dry, cracked skin either – don’t be afraid to give your epidermis a healthy dose of moisturising cream.

  1. Hair


Source – theguardian.com

Though one may think that great hair depends on genetics and overpriced products, it takes a surprisingly small amount of effort on a daily basis to get a good haircare routine going. Invest in a good haircut from a trustworthy barbershop that suits your face profile, purchase products that suit the condition and length of your hair and make sure you comb, brush or tousle your mane into place – that’s all it takes.

  1. Scent


Source – businessinsider.com

Sometimes, looks aren’t all that matters when it comes to grooming – you need to smell the part too. Fragrance matters a lot – it sends a very personal and powerful message to anyone you interact with. It easily ramps up attractiveness and most of all, instills a sense of confidence and calm in the wearer, even in non-sexual or romantic moments. Remember to pick something that compliments your natural odour and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions on a new cologne.

No matter how minute, keep in mind that following these basic principles can turn any man from a lowly layabout to well-groomed machine dripping with confidence. All it takes is a little commitment.

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